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Finally! After wanting a Bernina machine for absolutely ages, I decided to invest in one at last that had so many more features than my trusty mechanical Janome. So my Bernette 25 arrived today and considering there are so few reviews online for this machine, I thought I’d do one :)
Since the 25 is considered to be a ‘Prosumer’ machine I figured it would be a great investment to get something better than a domestic but not as top end as the 3 Series I looked at (a grand, yikes!). And the Bernette 25 is a beautifully designed machine (by two industrial design students at the Northwest Switzerland University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design, no less) so that appealed to me straight away.
Right, onto the review…

Basically all the features I was looking for, this machine has. Most important, right? Apart from the pretty lights. These are the ones that swayed me to getting the 25…

1. Totally computerised.
2. Drop-in bobbin that you can see running out.
3. Bright LED sewing light.
4. 155 stitch patterns, including sweet little embroidery ones (hearts, snowflakes!) and alphabet.
5. Start/Stop button – use it without the pedal if you want.
6. Variable speed – no more abruptly fast starts!
7. Sews ALL fabrics and has two presser foot levels.
8. Needle up/down selection.
9. Auto lock – you can set it to stop after finishing a pattern.
10. You can lock the presser foot in a horizontal position when sewing over heavy seams or thick fabrics which is amazing! I have broken many a needle cause of presser foot tilt, even when using the jean-a-ma-jig!
11. Twin needle capability.
12. So many presser feet come with it, including blind hem, overcasting, zipper and darning. Also, Janome feet fit so I can use my roll-hem and invisible zipper feet too :)
13. Finally, the design. You can even write on the front with dry erase markers if you need to make quick notes on something.
14. The price. Not the cheapest machine due to the Bernina name (£369) but what a bundle for the money!

And the sewing quality?

It’s smooth, perfect tension even on a standard setting and the embroidery is neat and so cute. There are multiple changes in size and width you can make to these, I had a mess on with the hearts :)
This machine is also almost 2kg lighter than my Janome so taking this to classes or wherever will be a lot less arm-stretchy.

The stitch selection chart is on the top cover that pops up to reveal the cotton spools, thread tension dial etc. Cool eh? :)

Needless to say this machine will be getting some serious use, I actually can’t leave it alone :3 Now it sits on my sewing table alongside my Bernina 800DL overlocker :) What a team.


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Mar 2, 2012 | Posted by in Haberdashery, Sewing | 26 comments

Comments (26 Responses)

  1. manuela says:

    Thank you so much for the review (^_^) I am going to buy one for sure, the design is a-mazing !!! very minimalistic…

  2. Raquel says:

    Hi, I’m Spanish, excuse me if I make mistakes in my message. I love this machine but I like Janome 2160 too. What do you think about this? I just started in the sewing world, and not sure where I’ll get, but I know love to sew. Thanks and kisses.

  3. allycat says:


    The Janome seems like a good machine, my first machine was a Janome. Has some very similar features but not quite the range of the Bernina. I guess it’s all down to personal choice, but I’d prefer a Bernina over a Janome any day :) x

  4. Raquel says:

    Hi, thank you very much. excuse me but I’d like to know: How are the letters? Are nice? In Spain the machine is more expensive, here its price is £489, therefore maybe I’ll buy the Bernette 20 (£409). Ufff, I’m in a muddle!. What would you do? Is it worth spending more? Thanks again.

    • allycat says:

      I don’t really need the letters myself, they’re okay for simple things. The embroidery stitches are beautiful though. I’d always get the 25, but that’s me! x

  5. Maria Shaikh says:

    Your review is very helpful. I am a tad new to sewing. I have the option of getting the Bernette 15 or the 25. Is it worth it to spend the extra money and get the 25 or should I go for the 15? Would appreciate your advice.

    • allycat says:

      Hi there, it really all depends whether you want all the features of the 25. For instance, the 25 is fully computerised and has the ease of a drop-in bobbin whilst the 15 is mechanical and has a regular front-loading bobbin. Being new to sewing the 15 would still be good, but maybe look at the full comparison chart of all the features to better decide :)


  6. Margaret says:

    Hi Allycat,
    I’m looking at a new machine, mine is an old Kenmore bought back in 1974… Still kicking but starting to lose some of its capabilities. I’m looking at the Bernette 25 but also wondering about the Pfaff Expressions 150… I have been sewing for 45 plus years. Do not quilt but enjoy sewing and do anything from mending to clothing, draperies and bedding, etc. I like the sound of the Bernina but I also have a Pfaff serger that has been wonderful over the years and I know Pfaff is celebrating 150 years and have come out with 2 limited editions, one being the Pfaff Expressions 150… Anyone have any info to share??? Thanks for your review!!

  7. Cindyluwho says:

    I bought the 25 a few days ago. love the machine. I have already made a stitch catalog of all the stitches but am having trouble with the memory both in saving the stitches and deleting. Can you help me on this. I felt very comfortable with this purchase because of your review! Thanks

  8. kato says:

    thank you so much for the review! I was quarreling among 15 and 25 mainly because of the price. I’ve been sewing for over 2 years now but i’m still not sure weather i should ask for the 25. I am in love with the little hearts and ornaments but the price is a little stingy. no? :D I am so lost. BTW is Bernina better then brother cause different salesmen tell me completely different things. Bernina definitely is winning me over. I guess i’ll be buying it. A bit lost here :/

  9. Ada Barber says:

    I purchase the Bernette 25 2 months ago. I was really loving the versatility of this machine. However, I was zigzagging a raw edge and all of a sudden the tension became too tight. I have tried everything possible to adjust it. The decorative stitches all look terrible because the upper tension is too tight. HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions. The dealer hasn’t returned my call so far.

    • allycat says:

      Wow I’m sorry to hear about this, did you get it sorted? I’m not sure what else you could do with it being a computerised machine, almost definitely need a dealer to look at it I would’ve said :( Great machine though, mine is still going great. X

    • Heather says:

      Bernina and Bernette are factory adjusted to Metrosene. Cheaper threads often do not work and cause the tensions problems you describe.

  10. Anna says:

    Problem Ada:
    Hi, I’ve got the same problem. My teacher tried everything to fix it but could not. I’m gonna contact my supplier and I’ll keep you informed.

  11. feriog says:

    dear Anna please let us know if you fixed the problem and how?

  12. Luisa says:

    Can you tell me the dimensions of the machie and IST weight? Thanks

  13. Dorothy says:

    I have had my Bernette 25 for a little over a year now and it’s been a great machine. Being light weight, I use it mostly for when I leave my home to sew. My sewing is mostly piecing for quilts but I’ve used it for a few craft items and have also used the lettering feature. I believe the machine weighs around 15#.

  14. Marta says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m considering buying this machine but, as you said not many reviews out there, can you tell me how it behaves on multiple layers of fabric or heavy fabrics? Are you still happy with it? my other option is a pfaff selection 3.0. Thanks

  15. Marta says:

    *select not selection

  16. Rachael says:

    Hi, I have just done the same and upgraded from my Janome which is over seven years old to the Bernette 25. I only bought it yesterday and only had a little play around, i love the little hearts but when i did mine they didnt look as neat and perfectly heart shaped like yours do I also tried some other stitches and they looked a little wonky. Is there something that you did before you got going? maybe i just have to fiddle around a little bit more or try a thicker fabric. Thanks for the review though :)

  17. allycat says:

    Hello! My hearts were done on pretty sturdy cotton 2 layers thick so that could be it. I just tinkered with the height and width a bit while I was going along :)

  18. Dorothy says:

    When doing any of the fancy stitches or lettering, a little light-weight stabilizer is always a good idea. You could use one that is a tear-a-way, and then just rip it off when you are finished. If you are doing it on a jersey that will be next to your skin, a light weight cut away would be good and then you’d just trim it and leave it in place.

  19. Rachael says:

    Ally cat, what height and width did you find worked the best?

  20. walda jundam says:

    Bought a 1yr old bernette 25 today from a very careful owner who has it for a year. There is a very little review on bernette 25 and it being a computerised machine makes it more tricky to fix. This review is very helpful as i get to know what other problems other bernette owner has out there. Now, ive started playing around with my B25 (as bernette 25) this evening when i discover one most daunting problem i would say, its the tension!!! And i hate fixing tension problems. I had a bernette 15 for 6 months but never had issue about tension. If anyone found solution or has a solution at hand please share. This is not a good start seriously im starting to feel let down by this tension problem. :(((

  21. Anna says:

    Referring to my post last year: problems with bernette 25: supplier cleaned machine, could not detect any probem, put back the default settings and it’s working..
    sorry for my very late answer…haven’t been sewing for a long time but back on the road since octobre!

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